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At Johari Flowers, we produce and export cut flowers of superb quality chiefly, summer flowers. We have a wide range of summer flowers varieties which include Agapanthus, Hypericum, Eryngium, Craspedia, Carnations, Alstroemeria, Calla Lillies, Ruscus and many more.

About Us

At Johari Flowers, we are a dedicated team that believes in scalability, relevance, efficiency and reliability. We are looking forward to a long-term engagement working with Bliss Flower Boutique within the flower export business.

Our mission is to sustainably and efficiently market quality summer flowers to international markets produced by small scale farmers while improving their livelihoods’.

Our values include integrity, reliability, team work and maintain good quality in a sustainable manner.

Flowers that are currently being exported:


Also known as sea holly, it has a distinctive spiny foliage, metallic blue flower heads, and bluish stems, several species of which are grown as garden plants. The variety available are Eryngium Planum, Eryngium Anita and Eryngium Alpinum. All in the colour blue.


It is commonly referred to as the Lily-of-the-Nile or the African lily plant. Additionally, it is an herbaceous perennial from the Amaryllidaceae family. This beauty displays large masses of striking blue or white flowers atop a tall and slender stalk. The colours available are blue and white.

Anigozanthos (Kangaroo)

They are tufted evergreen perennials with vibrant flower colours atop of narrowly strap-shaped leaves. They are available in glorious shades of yellow, orange, red pink or purple.


It is an exotic flower which is popularly used in dried flower arrangements. The tiny funnel-shaped Statice flowers have a delicate, airy, hazy appearance, almost like smoke. Statice bloom in spring and summer. They are available in the colours deep blue, deep lavender and white.


It has wide, star shaped ­flowers that are a combination of white and green. The ­flowers are clustered to form a conical spike on top of each stem. Each infl­orescence bears 20-30 white fl­owers.


Arabicum flowers are propagated from bulbs, which are planted directly in the soil once they break dormancy and are ready for harvest after four months. They are available in white only.


It has a graceful appearance. Hence, it is one of the most charismatic plants. Not only does this plant decorate every bouquet in its own special way, it also beautifies every flower bed. On a big scale Gypsophila can grow in bare areas and can be combined with almost every other kind of flower. It is available in white.


It offers the unexpected texture of ripe berries amid dense leaves and leggy branches. Their small deciduous bushes grow 2 – 3′ high. Also, they have clusters of plump, hard berries of varying number, size and density. The leaves have a pleasant woodsy fragrance. It is available in either magical red, magical green, magical pumpkin (orange) or magical triump (pink).


These flowers are used interchangeably with statice, although minor differences are noted at close-up. These beautiful flowers are most popular used by florist as fillers to their arrangements. The different species have the either pink, violet, yellow or white flowers.  It is available in assorted colours.


The papery bracts of Scabiosa stellata is an example of perfect geometry This most unusual plant produces delicate pale blue spherical flower heads. Jutting vertically from the base of the plant on long stems, attractive pale blue flowers are followed by translucent papery, cone shaped bracts which accompany the mature seed. They are clustered together to suggest a delicate, lightweight geodesic sphere. At the centre of each cone, the remnants of the bloom open to form a perfect, thinly stretched star. They make excellent cut flowers and are perfect for dried arrangements.

The varieties available are either stellata or scoop in the colours brown or yellow.


They are unique, long-lasting textural accent featuring brilliant one-inch globes. They are available in either yellow or silver.

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